Mark & Robert's Caving Adventures...

October 2006 - Jenolan Caves, New South Wales, Australia

Each cave has a personality of it's own... sort of hard to describe.

Mark goes first - over the edge and into the big "sink hole" on the mountain.

Working our way down through different caverns - deeper and deeper we go!

I'm told that was the easy part... Gees... what's to come?

If we go this way we will eventually find what was once known as the "bottomless pit".

The tight little "rabbit hole" needed to descend into a lower chamber.

I thought this one was scary... the next decent was too steep, long and narrow for a camera...

 and it was wiser to pay attention to the situation, not a camera.

This space here used to be called the "bottomless pit" and it has some history!

Mark and Robert at one of the modern gateways that protect the fragile treasures inside.

White crystals growing on mud that has been hanging for over a thousand years!

Several stories high and hundreds of millions of years in the making - humbling to say the least!

The round bits on the bottom of the picture are peoples heads...

The size and beauty of these hidden treasures is awesome!

We highly recommend taking 3 days to poke around and absorb this wonder of nature!

- Mark and Robert -